Hello, my name is Tammy! I'am the Owner and Designer of Simply Stitched Kits. I have been in business since 2007 and still LOVE what I'm doing everyday ! This pandemic has put me out of my comfort zone doing things I have never done before but that's okay, my company will be stronger for it when this is all done. I want to Thank all my loyal customers that have support me throughout the years and all the New customers that I have been reaching through all my new efforts. Welcome to our Family! Speaking of families I have a amazing family! Our family continues to grow I am so blessed to be apart of their everyday life. I have 3 adopted grandchildren and 12 Foster grandchildren. Five have went back home and are still apart of our Wonderful Family. Can't forget my husband who does all the sewing on the kits, my three amazing daughter and two perfect son-in laws! If you attend shows I'm sure you have seen a few of them! God Bless and I hope you will Thrive in Change as I am.

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Q: Do I have to be a club member to buy off the website?

A: No, anyone can buy off our website but monthly choices are for club members only.

Q: What are Printed Page Kits?

A: When we no longer have anymore kits we take our sample and have it printed on high quality paper. Just add your pictures!
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